Rex Animal Health



See What Our Data Can Do

Cloud population health and analytics for the animal health industry.

One Format

We standardize animal health and performance data from disparate IT systems into an easy to use and understandable format.

Market Insights

Understand the efficacy and outcomes of various medicines, vaccines, and parasiticides with a longitudinal view on an individual and population scale.

Disease Surveillance

Move away from passive monitoring to active surveillance. Understand the drivers of animal disease events and transmission.


Our Short Story

We believe that data has the power to transform the animal health industry as it has transformed the fields of finance, weather, and human health. By bringing together data from various sources and time periods, the insights we produce can reshape the way animal pharmaceuticals markets its drugs and looks at new opportunities, the way veterinarians manage chronic diseases in animals, and the way the community understands and perceives animal health.

Put Data To Work

Better Understand Animal Health

Understand the drivers and factors involved in animal health

Search by species

From companion to exotics to food/production animals

Search by disease

From atopic dermatitis to vesicular stomatitis

Search by geography

Data from the United States and abroad

Search by time periods

The incidence and prevalence of disease by time period or age of animal

Comprehensive genomic database

Insights into phylogenetic relationships between viral and bacterial strains

Environmental data

Avoid confounding by bringing in weather and soil data

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