Bringing Precision Medicine to the Animal Health Industry

Rex is on a mission to bring animal health to the 21st century by making veterinary medicine and husbandry data driven.

Our Story

We believe that data has the power to transform the animal health industry as it has transformed the fields of finance, weather, and human health. By bringing together data from various sources and time periods, the insights we produce can reshape: 1) the way pharmaceutical companies discovers new gene targets and develops drugs, 2) the way veterinarians manage chronic diseases in animals, and 3) the way the community understands and perceives animal health.

Our Team

Amado Guloy

Founder & CEO

Chad Clayton


Adam Welsh


Trevor Lee

Molecular Biologist

Quinn Winters

Data Scientist

Our Partners & Investors

Working at REX

We're looking to build an interdisciplinary team that has a strong passion for making veterinary medicine and husbandry more data driven. Check out our jobs page on AngelList!